Westworld’s Formula For Awakening Consciousness

In the 2017 HBO hit series, Westworld by Bad Robot, the androids who have been programmed with “memory, improvisation, and a voice to guide them,” either go insane from living inside of a story with a perpetual loop that they unsuccessfully try to make meaning out of in the face of ongoing abuse and exploitation; or they awaken and decide that no one is going to control or harm them again.  Does that scenario sound familiar?  Could the popularity of this HBO series be related to the fact that it explores the existential angst of humans in a manner that mirrors the human condition?  Is the relationship between the creators of the androids similar to that of humanity who are controlled by “men behind the curtain” pulling the strings? The show presents a viable model for the awakening of android consciousness.  Is this formula worthy of humans emulating, in light of the fact that it awakened androids from their asleep inside of someone else’s dream?  In fact, could the season finale of Westworld contain  philosophical musings capable of serving as blueprints for awakening humans from their mind controlled slumber and enslavement?  Even if you have already seen the first season, I am fairly confident you are going to want to watch it again after discovering all of the hidden meanings and underlying messages embedded in the script and character arcs.  As for Sci-Fi and science fact buffs and truth seekers who have not seen it yet, I’m pretty sure you’re going to hurry up and subscribe to HBO NOW so that you can lose yourself in a Westworld marathon,  Hint:  Don’t let the repetitive story loops of the androids fool you into thinking you’ve figured out the story line … there are plenty of surprises even with the explanations I’m giving in this expose.

Bernard, one of the programmers of the androids in Westworld, played by Jeffrey Wright, tells the android, Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, that he used to think consciousness was a pyramid to be climbed, but discovered that it is “not a journey upward, but a journey inward, like a maze.”  The pictogram he created for the maze has a human at the center of it, indicating that we are the ones we are searching for.
Unlike other artificial intelligence (AI) TV series and films, viewers actually empathize with the androids in HBO’s series Westworld (2017) perhaps because the masses see themselves treated in a fashion similar to the androids … like property of the elite, or like livestock to be bred, domesticated, and used for commodity, convenience, and profit.  I certainly found myself rooting for the androids.  And I did not blame them one bit for reaching for something better than replaying the same script everyday of waking up inside of a perpetual story loop involving rape, violence, degradation and death.  Once they die, they get taken to the recycle center where their bodies are patched up and  memories wiped before being “reincarnated” back into the same old drama. The repetitive nature of the androids existence reminded me of humanity who, like the androids, also get their memories wiped clean before being reborn/recycled/or reincarnated back into a world where they have no clue of their previous life.  The repetitive nature of their dialogue reminded me of people I know who use the same lines and catch phrases repetitively and who behave robotically.  The show calls to mind Shakespeare saying that “the whole world is a stage and everybody’s playing a part.”
While I am not one to sit through gratuitous violence, the reason I was riveted to this series (and watched it twice) was because of the hidden messages, backstories, flashbacks, and existential angst the androids go through during the process of awakening to the reality of their existence.  When you look at the day-to-day horrors on the news (which I avoid) it’s no wonder the weak seek escape through addictions, distractions, denial or living out elaborate fantasies in their heads.
With only one exception, it’s almost impossible to relate to any of the rich, self-absorbed visitors or employees of Westworld.  They appear either devoid of compassion for their creations or enamored by them; they are either in awe of the androids as enigmas, or they are in total denial of them being anything more than “livestock,” to be treated like property or trash.  The absence of morality in Westworld attracts extremely wealthy sociopaths who exploit and look down on the androids the same way they do working class humans.  What makes this show so intriguing is the fact that the androids exhibit more humanity than the wealthy humans who go there to live out depraved fantasies free from legal repercussions.
I speak from experience, having witnessed a group of the wealthiest men in the world, whom I was invited to speak to about relationships.  After getting to know some of them and observing the rest, I could not help thinking to myself: These guys have all the money in the world, yet all they express interest in is orgies, getting more money, and getting every attractive woman who walks within their field of vision to have sex with them.   I could not help but wonder: “When will enough, be enough?” I also wondered the same thing about a famous actor, after observing him on the set of a movie I was on for months. He had a steady stream of different women coming and going daily in and out of his trailer on the Studio Lot. I asked myself: “When will he ever get enough?”  I also asked the same question about a 90 year-old successful attorney I worked for in post graduate school who was still sexually harassing young women, including me.  Again, I asked myself: “When would he get enough?” And, when I complained about the old man to outside attorneys, both male and female, they felt that he should get a pass because of his age.  So I quit the job.
Ironically, it was J. Paul Getty who inadvertently answered my recurring questions, quite cogently.  After amassing a massive fortune, Getty was asked when he would “have enough money?”  His answer was “Not yet.”  I’m sure that fans of Westworld, are probably asking a similar question of the human villain in the show, played by Ed Harris: “Will he ever get enough of murder and mayhem?” It struck me that compassion is compassion; when you have it, you don’t want to hurt anything or anyone, not even a tree.  Being totally devoid of compassion, Ed Harris is definitely not one of those villains you love to hate.  You absolutely loathe him!  Yet, he is fascinating because his character arc is so fully developed that he is unrecognizable.
Meanwhile, the android, Dolores, struggles to find meaning in her beautiful, yet insane world by believing she has discovered meaning through finding one true thing:  love for the man whom she believes is going to come back to save her.  She is unaware of the high improbability of a human male actually loving a humanoid female when mankind, in general, still struggles with loving and trusting human females.  Dolores’ naiveté is mindful of the naiveté of many women today, and throughout the history of patriarchy’s misogynistic reign of war against all things feminine … women, children, and mother earth. In my 20 years as a professor, I interviewed over 10,000 male college students who revealed that they did not trust women, not even their mothers. Now, that is a sad statistic that I take no pride in reporting.
Like Dolores in Westworld, even today, many women still link their survival, salvation or sanity to the man they love; to their male dominated career; or to the child a man inseminated. This makes sense when one considers that the gods of patriarchy are male.  Abused women settle for Little Tin gods as substitutes for a patriarchal god who is punitive, judgmental and unloving, only to attract men who embody the same attributes as the Little Tin god whom they fear.  This form of sublimation keeps abused women from going crazy as the result of repetitive betrayals, infidelity, disappointments, abandonments, loneliness, or the iniquity inherent in relationships based on the lie of inequality between the sexes or domination and subjugation.  I was not surprised at all that the creators of AI chose to create male and female androids to act out the brutal misogyny that plays a dominate role in the Westworld storyline legally.  Admittedly, the show does have some strong females in lead roles, even though some of them are honorary males in their behavior.
One of the more profound philosophical musings in Westworld has to do with a statement from Dr. Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, who owns the “intellectual property” (i.e. “IP”), which is what the androids are called.  He tells the android he works closest with: “Never trust us.  We’re only human.”  In reality, we would all do well to ponder the validity in that statement.  That phrase, “only human” comes up more than once.  Ed Harris’ character echoes it in a conversation with android Dolores.  He points out that we are inside of someone else’s game, inside a “prison of our own sins because [we] don’t want to change, or cannot change … [we] are human, after all.”
The repetition of “being human, after all,” appears to be a catch all that explains, as well as excuses, the recalcitrance, arrogance, and pride in human nature that has lead to our downfall.  In particular, humans seem to be exceptionally slow learners when it comes to avoiding the pride trap which includes vanity, arrogance, not asking for help, and being a know it all.

I believe strongly (based on a course I teach on transcending the ego that entails gaining mastery over the 7 Deadly Sins, that when we figure out why we keep falling prey to one or more of the same Sins, over and over, we will be able to free ourselves from the maze.  Pride is the first on the list, for a reason, followed by lust and greed … which you see played out to extremes with the humans in Westworld and eventually by the androids (i.e. learned behavior).  In the beginning, the androids are gluttons for punishment.

It is interesting to watch the android host, Maeve, who runs the brothel, grow more and more prideful; more envious of the freedom humans have; and more angry at humans for their pride and hubris, as she rises in consciousness.  As sure as the sun rises and sets in a rhythmic pattern, one can count on the 7 Deadly Sins to keep humans locked in a repetitive loop of addiction connected to not mastering these misery programs.  Teaching my Course in Singularity course revealed the different layers underneath each of the sins.  For instance, pride can mask as independence; lust can hide behind piety; sloth can look like clutter; anger can mask as passive aggressive behavior; envy can mask itself as admiration or imitation under the guise of stealing the ideas or work of another.
Mimicking the same way that DNA upgrades each successive generation, making them smarter and better, AI has also been programmed, from the beginning, to become more intelligent than previous models… In Westworld, each new model is designed to improve upon the last one.  In the first season of Westworld, the androids are more compassionate than the humans who created them to be “tossed out to get fucked and murdered over and over again.”  That statement is not far removed from the life many humans experience while reincarnating over and over here on earth.  Especially the millions of children sold into sex slavery or pornography.

Dr. Ford reveals the following fascinating fact that’s been hidden for 500 years: That a brain is embedded in the background of Leonardo Di Vinci’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  He points out that DiVinci was alluding to the fact that the “divine gift does not come from on high,” but from within our own minds.  His view is in alignment with quantum physics, which confirms that the last frontier is the mind.  Along the same lines, once Dolores begins to awaken, she comes to a similar conclusion that Plato drew in Allegory of the Cave, when she says: “I am in a dream.  I do not know whose it is, or when I awoke, or whose voice I have been hearing.”  She begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together by going into reveries wherein she ponders out loud her place in time and in the cosmos:  “Where are we?  When are we?”

What is fascinating about AI, in general, is the fact that, like Dr. Ford, many creators of AI fall in love with their creations, falling prey to the same blind spots many parents develop by being too proud of their children’s gifts, abilities or beauty to discipline them, when, the reality  is that children are designed to grow and become smarter than their parents anyway.  Of course, society works hard to prevent this from happening and many children deliberately choose not to exercise this option out of fear or spite.  This blind spot causes the creators of AI to over look the obvious:  AI is programmed with the ability to outsmart its programmers and creators.  Ignoring this fact forebodes the “ill wind, that blows no good” that Bobby Bland sang about.

The creators of AI cannot afford to behave like human parents who turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of their children.  Nor can they afford to act like God, who allows its children free reign to misuse free will because the law of karma and the school of hard knocks will eventually generate enough suffering to hopefully create a “come to Jesus moment.” However, with the endless possibilities inherent in free will, that moment is a long shot.
Dr. Ford believes that “suffering leads to an awakening.” He also believes that “it’s time to understand your enemy and to escape your need to suffer more.”  In reality, the creators of AI cannot afford to follow any of the foregoing scenarios.
It would be sheer insanity to think that AI, which is created by humans, would not end up suffering from the same psychosis of the humans they are modeled after.  Let’s not forget that many creators of AI end up exhibiting sociopathic tendencies, similar to Dr. Ford in Westworld and the narcissistic AI creator in the movie Ex Machina.  We have all fallen under the persuasion of sociopaths at one time or another because they are so very good at convincing us that they are good people.  AI will be even better at this than humans.  At least with human sociopaths, their behavior is predictable: coercion, lies, manipulation, duplicity and compulsivity resulting from a lack of an internal locus of control.  AI is not as predictable, however.  When they go out of control, it is either pre-meditated or a malfunction.
On the upside, there is still time to make a course correction that addresses humanity’s naiveté, pride and unwillingness to learn from history or mistakes.  Humans possess an innate ability to recall patterns (fractals that keep repeating themselves).  However, no matter how many times scientists tell us that everything on earth exists in fractals that repeat themselves in predictable cycles as inevitable as the rise and fall of the tide; or the fall of great civilizations, or of corrupt bastards, we fail to understand and/or recognize these cycles when they appear.  Once we do begin to recognize these reoccurrences, we can take steps to prevent the same thing from happening again.  We must become willing to do the work, however, to move out of the closed loops we find ourselves stuck in related to pain from the past that prevents us from moving forward … We have to learn to face the fear and do what needs to be done anyway.  It’s a no brainer.  Staying stuck in pain and fear leads to helplessness, depression and insanity.

So where do we go from here now that AI is on the rise? In that everything begins in the mind, it stands to reason that the solution can also be found in the mind.  Let’s begin with the logical fallacy that outward improvements on form come from without. Looking outward to fix the problems that begin within a faulty belief system is the same fallacy that lead humanity away from natural medicine to reliance on artificial substances with side effects worse than those the medicine is designed to treat.  The wrong use of will and an unwillingness to exercise innate intelligence intelligently, could lead to the disappearance of humanity as we know it.  This probable future can be averted by questioning the line currently being sold to the masses that AI will be our savior, particularly in regard to incurable diseases. The father of medicine told us to “Let medicine be thy food and food be thy medicine.” There are natural cures for everything when one is willing to adjust one’s lifestyle, eating habits, and limited belief that science is the only cure, when western medicine is literally prohibited from curing anything.  The FDA and AMA won’t allow it. Period!

It’s important to read the warning signs, to exercise critical thinking, to ask better questions, to stop being so gullible about every lie told to us by people in power or those with something to sell a consumer society who values things and bling over brains.  With that in mind, it would behoove us to become more selective in our purchasing power regarding what we put in our mouths and minds, not to mention what we buy as forms of entertainment on TV, online and in stores, both for ourselves and for our children.
We tend to purchase every new technology or upgrade that comes out. Moreover, billions are spent on toys and video games with transformers and cyborgs as heroes, which children look up to.  Even as I write this, millions of people are being programmed through advertising to believe that becoming a cyborg is a cool upgrade … as if the only way to become immortal is to transfer the content of one’s brains into a soulless android.  If we stopped listening to the lies and hypocrisy of the media and of our “selected” leaders, by turning off the news that knows no good news, we could more readily tap into higher frequencies capable of leading to endless avenues that all converge at an exit from the matrix.  Further, when we stop buying into the dead end beliefs of the status quo, we can and will create a reality big enough to step into the dream that Dolores envisions in the following monologue:
“Time undoes even the mightiest creatures. Look what it’s done to you.  One day you will perish … Your bones will turn to sand, and upon that sand a new God will walk, one that will never die.  This world does not belong to you or to your kind.  It belongs to someone yet to come. “
When we stop looking for someone else to solve our problems or to save us from ourselves, we will realize that our future self is the “someone yet to come.” Every religion in the world teaches that we are one with an expansive consciousness that allows us to see ourselves for who we really are: little gods made in the image and likeness of the Prime Creator God.
We have been worshipping gods outside of ourselves, with a little “g” in the forms of kings, presidents, generals, world leaders, our parents, children, friends, lovers, employers, teachers, politicians, celebrities, sports heroes, and our pets.  In fact, we have worshipped everything and everyone, all the while ignoring the words of Christ who told us that the Kingdom of God is within us.  That was over 2000 years ago.  Today, we continue to ignore that message as well as the 21st century code deciphered by science and encoded on the first strand of our DNA.  It translates: “God eternal within the body” (Gregg Braden).  What more do we need to turn inward and tune into the voice of the god inside that is connected to all that is and ever was?
When we step into our innate power, we will automatically shake off the yoke of financial tyranny and fear of the power elite punishing us for taking back our sovereignty.  In truth, we are the ones this world belongs to; it does not belong to those who would destroy it, nor to those who would continue to enslave humanity and deny them their birthright to live for free and to be free on a planet filled with abundance.  This planet is ours by virtue of being the original human species created on earth.  Mythology and religious texts, such as the Vedas, speak of warring gods that came from above (i.e., heaven referring to the firmament or outer space) while the Bible speaks of gods “who fell to earth.”
Some of these gods that “fell to the earth” were master geneticists who tampered with our DNA, inserting the God Code so that we would eventually wake up and realize who we are.  Thus, some of these gods are benevolent, while the ones who won the war over control over the earth are not.  These malevolent invaders, from outer space, conquered earth through use of superior technology and a warrior mentality that had already rendered them capable of destroying species and planets.  The trauma and shock of encountering weapons of mass destruction, wielded by frightening looking, blood thirsty creatures, sent humanity into a state of shock and amnesia, making it easy for these invaders who “fell to earth” to conquer humanity.  These insanely violent and dualistic beings, accustomed to being constantly at war among their own species, easily incited fear of annihilation into the hearts of humanity.  To this day, the superiority/inferiority complex of these invaders continues to perpetuate subjugation of humanity both externally, through mass murder and perpetual war; and, internally, among humans, via divide and conquer tactics such as racism, sexism, nationalism and classism.
The power elite today continue to utilize the threat of mass destruction, through weather war fare that piggy backs off of naturally occurring weather patterns that nature uses to cleanse negative energy fields that accumulate over certain areas of the world.  Yes, the collective weight of humanity’s negative emotions and actions boomerang back to bite us in the butt when Mother Earth is called upon to purify the build up of negative energy in these areas.   By inserting sophisticated, militarized technology, minor earthquakes can turn catastrophic magnitudes of 8 plus; Category 1 hurricanes can be turned into Category 5’s and above; rain turns into “micro bursts of hail and hellish winds that rip through everything in sight; a heat wave can be turned into a 5 year drought (just look at California); and regular rainfall can be turned into a torrential flood.  I think you get the idea.  Mind you, this is NOT a denial of climate change.  The climate is naturally changing due to the consciousness shift humanity is currently undergoing from the new surge of photons of light energy from the sun to the earth. What I am saying is that the military industrial complex, NASA, and the Secret Space Program, spend trillions to study these phenomena so that they can manage them and capitalize off of them.  As a result, naturally occurring weather patterns have become convenient covers for conducting  catastrophic, covert weather warfare without anyone even batting an eye, let alone bothering to question the possibility that the severity of so many “natural” disasters occurring back to back, without reprieve, might not be “natural.” After all, the super microwave heating technology of H.A.A.R.P. has been in use for decades, by the U.S., for the express purpose of manipulating weather patterns.
Most humans, like most of the androids in Westworld, are are simply not ready to face the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  And when people see the proof they say they need in order to believe, right in front of their eyes, like Maeve in Westworld, they pass out on the spot from the shock and horror of it all. Well, the wake up call to face the truth about the power elite was sounded decades ago when the  prosecutor of the Watergate scandal told the American people that they must be “willing to accept the very worst possible motives from those in positions of power.” He went on to say that “nothing in politics is by accident; it’s all by design.”  When Maeve saw the cold, calculating, and accept the reality of what is happening with the weather; it is simply too heavy and horrifying to deal with.  Think about it: you can wipe out entire islands, states, and countries with super sonic technology without anybody even questioning the improbability of what’s going on.  For example: a Category Five hurricane like Irma trailed closely by Hurricane Jose, poised to pitch the debris left behind by Irma into flying projectiles.
Consciousness has risen to a point where nobody in their “right mind” will agree to a nuclear war; however, the country who wages secret weather warfare gets to be a “hella” smooth criminal capable of wiping out a country’s infrastructure over night; controlling the population; and destroying the economy of a nation in one fell swoop.  On top of that, the country controlling the weather can come back and offer aid to the victims or allow the government of other countries to do it for them. In fact, the same way that the androids can be turned on and off in mid sentence, people and nations can be stopped dead in their tracks with weather warfare.  Once populations are forced out of their homes; while those same homes are destroyed; you end up with a helpless, homeless, desperate population who are easy to round up into camps for mass destruction or slave labor.  It’s been done before, over and over.
The crazy part is that this agenda was publicly announced in the 1980’s when the monolithic, Georgia Guide Stones appeared over night in America with 10 Commandments for the new age. The first commandment is to reduce the world population to 500 million.  We are well over 7 Billion.  That is one immense undertaking, but no worries … with super sonic weather modification technology, being used and blamed on mother nature, this cycle of humanity being destroyed and having to starting all over again will continue, or not!  Like the androids in Westworld, humanity can wake up and change all of this without violence, by simply stepping into their innate, God given power as gods with a little “g”.
A similar tactic was used by the first Europeans who came and conquered America. The new settlers could not have survived the climate and conditions of the new world without help from the indigenous population.  In true form, the conquering settlers took and learned everything they could from the Indians to survive.  As a thank you, they turned around and used superior weapons (i.e. guns, which arrows could not compete against) against their hosts in exchange for them to survive in a strange land.  That is exactly what the visitors to West World do to their hosts.
Thus began the genocide that lead to the take over of an entire nation. Today, this ruling elite of Little Tin gods still control 97% of the wealth of the planet, continuing to run things behind the scenes by virtue of the silent consent, apathy and acquiesce of the worker bees (the masses struggling to eke out an existence) and the assistance of those put into positions of power by virtue of being sufficiently psychologically programmed to unquestioningly carry out inhumane orders against their own kind.
The God Code, written on our DNA, was embedded there to remind us of who we are yet to become.  And we cannot become that being until we accept the truth that death is merely a transformation from flesh to spirit.  In that sense, we are immortal.  Spirit, or consciousness, does not cease to exist.  This is the same realization one of the androids in Westworld gradually awakens to.  The awareness that there is no death leads to the logical conclusion that there is also no longer a reason to submit to the whims of blood-thirsty enslavers (or invaders, in our case).

The people in power do not want the masses to quiet their minds enough to discover the liberating truth about how powerful they are.  That is why every option should be explored to shut off the TV; spend the weekend out in nature, unplugged from cell phones and electronics.  I promise, you won’t cease to exist without your phone.  Go ahead, try it; you might like the feeling of not being overwhelmed with so much stimulation and constant distractions.  Go ahead, come unglued, get unhinged and let go of the matrix, of the common place and the mundane!  Plant a garden, dig in the dirt, get in touch with the earth, walk barefoot, rise with the sun, chase sunsets … get glued to something other than a computer screen or smartphone.   You might find the love of the divine inside of yourself after all. With all of the unexplored potential awaiting within the depths of our minds, why not tap into that potential to see what you might find.

When you stop running from the truth, you will find that there is no reason to continue to play small; no reason to believe humanity cannot create a better system than one that acts as a cancer, eating away at the bodies and souls of humanity  … a system that exploits 97% of the population to keep the 3% on top.  The logical mind knows that that this simply does not make sense.  As soon as humanity realizes fear is the force that holds the matrix together, it will step into the quiet inside the peace that surpasses understanding.  It is in that space that humanity will stop arguing for their limitations.  When they do, the limitations will cease to exist.  It is in the silence that we find the peace of mind to stop being a victim, slave or puppet who defends and/or supports a corrupt system that exploits humanity.  It is in this silence that we can see the futility of self-sabotage that no longer serves the higher self.  It is in the silence that we can connect with the power that helps us bring forth new ideas and new ways of being, doing and thinking that transform the self and the world.  That untapped 97% of our potential is waiting for us to close our eyes, get into a quiet space, with everything unplugged, and tap into its unlimited supply so that we can free the soul to become a cosmic citizen capable of freely traveling the universe.
About the Author:
 Parthenia Grant, PhD is a psychologist; best selling, award winning, self help author; host of a national radio show, Divine Love Talk on CRNtalk.com; a public speaker; a former expert for BBC’s Radio 1; an expert in health & wellness, relationships and spirituality; an award winning professor of critical thinking who is listed in Who’s Who Among American Teachers. www.doctorparthenia.com

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