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Our mission is to help awaken, inspire, activate and elevate more Love on the planet by helping people connect to and embody the Source of Love as their own True Self and to experience deeply connected and thriving relationships with all Life through the awakening to One Love. Divine Love Talk promotes personal responsibility for acquiring the knowledge necessary to balance one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being by becoming "the change" one wishes "to see in the world," since the inner and outer work one does to become a sovereign, independent, critical thinker will simultaneously benefit the whole of humanity because we are all connected to each other through the web of life. When individuals abdicate self-reliance, society ends up over-run by despots, tyrants and the politically or morally bankrupt who capitalize on co-dependency, ignorance, and the spiritually bankrupt. Thus, the cutting edge information and education provided on Divine Love Talk is critical to the world liberate itself from the heart of darkness.

The Hosts

Dr. Parthenia Grant

Throughout her career, Dr. Grant has inspired thousands of people to lose weight, heal their bodies and souls, and seek inner peace. She is a Wellness Expert for Go Healthy California, Network Talent, Clarity Zone Magazine and CRN Digital Magazine. She has also served as a relationship expert forTake 5 - Broadminded SM radio 155 and as a Hollywood Expert for the BBC’s Radio 1. She is certified and trained in Reike, Theta Healing, Psych-K, The Reconnection, Deeksha, and the Yuen Method. Dr. Grant is listed in Who's Who Among American Teachers and Montclair's Who's Who Among Collegiate Faulty. Dr. Grant served as a tenured professor of Critical Thinking in the English Dept. at L.A. Mission College until 2014, where she won Professor of the Year and Most Inspirational Professor numerous times. Dr. Grant earned her Ph.D. in social psychology from the International University, her Masters from California State University, Dominguez Hills and her bachelor’s from The University of Houston. She is an award winning author of six books, including the best seller, "I Thought I Was the Crazy One." Her "Show Biz Kids" book won an Irwin Award. Her poetry and short fiction won numerous national and international awards. Dr. Grant earned a fellowship to Oneness University in India where she was initiated into The Oneness Blessing. She is also one of the 40 Founding Members of Don Miguel Ruiz’s Academy of Awareness. Ruiz is the author of The Four Agreements. Dr. Grant has been a keynote speaker for California Endowment Sponsored Obesity Prevention Day; Agape International’s Well Being Conference; The Health Conscious Expo, The Body, Mind, Spirit Expo, The Conscious Life Expo & others.

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THE POWERS OF LOVE - Jason Michael & Heather Powers

Heather and Jason Michael Powers

Emerging from a fundamental Christian pastoral ministry and lineage, as well as a music career as a worship leader, Heather's journey evolved dramatically in 2012, when both her parents and grandmother all passed as well as the end of her second marriage. Letting go of all confines related to a fundamental understanding of all religion, her Spiritual journey became that of the Mystic, embracing the esoteric and ancient wisdom from all traditions. Jason Michael Powers, RScP is a Father, a Licensed Healing Practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, an Ordained Minster and Love and Soul Coach. He is also a Co-Founder of the 11:11Awakening Code Community. In 1997, after 7 years in ministry with the Los Angeles International Church of Christ, Jason also emerged to walk the Path of the Mystic. Heather and Jason have both trained with the Diamond Light Foundation "Walk The Earth As A Living Master". They are devoted students of Ancient Wisdom and New Thought, following the Gnostic Christian Path which integrates the Golden thread that runs through all Spiritual traditions. Together, they serve the community and several humanitarian organizations to be practical Love in action.

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  • Vanessa Benjamin

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    I love this show because I get a truly evolved perspective on hot topics, current events; metaphysical and spiritual principles; and real wisdom.